dameje Lets be honest... this is all completely random.

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Luka, 8 weeks. <3

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"Does Legolas teach Bard about archery or does Bard teach Legolas about archery?" x

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Imagine if the series had ended right after this moment.

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camels is not an accepted currency

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Video: Chris Pratt Got in Trouble for Flashing His ‘Parks & Rec’ Co-Stars

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Hey followers. Not having a very ideal day?

Have a master list of Disney movies

Have another master list of other movies

Fun sites to check out

Simple recipe for brownies

Website that has a lot of animal live streams 24/7

Check out this cute fluffy puppy


Now go find some warm blankets and have yourself a better day <3

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Can you re-enact your reaction to hearing you had been cast on a marvel movie?

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This is so accurate. At school, we literally have children who will watch our facial expressions to see if them falling is as bad as they think it might be.


  • do not react. at the most, maybe wince and go “ooooh”
  • go over to the child to assess panic level and severity of injury
  • if they’re like, dying, remain calm, but they’re probably not.
  • look them in the eye and ask, “you okay?” they will nod. possibly all teary-eyed. then ask, “are we gonna need to cut it off?”
  • the child is thrown off. if they giggle, you’re in the money. if they do not, put a bandaid on and do some sympathetic patting. they are probably a little teary. let the sad little bug sit out for a minute. they will quickly get bored.
  • works every time

"sad little bug" is the cutest and most accurate term ive heard used to describe a child because sometimes bugs are kinda super cute sometimes bugs are really fucking annoying and sometimes bugs are downright TERRIFYING

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Werewolf Transformations is S02 » 02x01 Blood Pressure

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Pori Jazz 18.07.2014

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"All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome is a fixed point. The last man standing."

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Press Room interview with Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and Maria Doyle Kennedy (x)

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